Children's International school

Designing a conducive learning environment


Designing a conducive learning environment


Children's International School






Children's international School 

A positive learning environment helps to improve attention, reduce anxiety and support emotional regulation of the students. A school serves this purpose right.  It is a place that encourages inspiration and curiosity having safety and durability while satisfying all necessary learning factors. 

Located in the very heart of Lagos, their mission is to provide high quality value added education using the National Curriculum of England in a flexible, creative and challenging way matching the Student’s needs and abilities.

They wanted this mission in a secure, nurturing and stimulating environment where there is continuity of teaching method, invoking in them the ettiquette and information required to achieve success. 

Children's international school design was inspired by a desire to maximize and enhance an active learning environment that will reinforce success with  flexible classroom furnishing.

The calmness and serenity influences interaction and collaboration between teachers and students. 

The furnishing range from trapezoid shaped tables, creative use of colors, art & mural with lightening and acoustical designs perfect for each space.

Wylout design characterized the space with different shapes and sizes and yet,  we didn't leave out erecting images and painting of past and current Hero's and figure to serve as motivation to the frowning minds that greatness is achievable. 

Children's International School is designed with different rooms each with unique looks designed to evoke imagination. 

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